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Mithila, Maithili, Mithilanchal - The Soul of Maithils by Santosh Kumar Jha

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Mithila - The Group

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Welcome To The Mithila Group - The Mithila Group Mein Apnek Swagat Achhi.:- Santosh Kumar Jha



Priya Maithils,

                       Namaskaar. First I welcomes all of you to the Homeland. When I say Homeland I mean it. Here we will feel the same environment what we have been seeing in our childhood days. A pure Mithila, And Pure Maithils. When I say Pure I mean people who are far away from those selfishness which is covering heart of our Mithila like a dark shadow. We will share our feelings same way we used to do in our schools. We will share our festivals same way we used to do in village. A true color, real culture with real people. That's what my motto behind creating this group. The only thing I want to see is, Maithils-together, everywhere in world through any resources. And I think making a group on yahoo will add a big advantage in it.

Ehi group banebak uddesya humar ee acchi ki je sabhyata je sankriti, aur o tamaam cheez jakra hum maithil kichu majboori mein aur kichu samayak aapa-dhapik wajah se pachhoo chhodi deliyei, Ohi sabhyata avam sankriti ke pher sa jagabai ke. Hum ahan padhal likhal chhi. Ee humar ahank kartavya achhi je apan sabhyata avam sanskriti ke vikaas kari. Ahan sabh ke khushi hoybaak chahi avam garv Maithil hoba par.

Mithilak durbhagya je, viakas ke mamla mein hum sabh humesha pachhoo rahlahu. Wajah, Ek ta kiyo safal nahi bhelah aur je safal bhelah o Mithila sa door bhai gelah. O mudi kai nahi dekhakhin. Agar o pachhoo mudi ka dekhne rahitathinh ta ee halat nahi rahitai aai mithila ke. Aai bahut NGO aur organization chali rahai achhi mithilak vikasak hetu. Lekin ohi sa mithila ke vikas kam hunkar apan vyaktigat vikas jyada hoit chhani. Humar maanav achhi, ki kono NGO ya orgnization ke jaroorat nahi chhai Mithilak vikasak hetu. Bas agar ahan safal chhi ta sirf ek maithil ke safal banabai ke prayas karu. Humar maithili kharab achhi, tahi hetu maafi chahait chhi. All I want to say that help just one maithil to make him/her successful. And if everyone will do same. I bet you will see Mithila as most successful community.

When a Marwari succeed, He helps every Marwari to be there. When a Bengali argue with non-bengali all bengali supports. When a Marathi people do something, everyone Marathi support. As a joke every Gujju speaks Hole in case of Whole. What a Unity that joke shows. How united each community is. But, when it comes to Mithila, it's different. Why so? When someone is abusing a Maithil in case of helping my people we too joins abusing. Sorry for saying I knew all aren't same. But, sorry to say that most of us are.

What I want to say, Feel the heat inside. Understand that where we belong to. Understand the value of our tradition, culture. Remember the pride of Mithila. Get inspired by them. Trust me we Maithils are most powerful people across world. We are so successful. Being Maithil is always a pride. I want to feel you that every moment.


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Being a Human is the first achievement. Having birth in India is second achievement. And being a Maithil is the greatest achievement. I believe there are many Maithil beautiful minds who live outside of mithila. This group is just to help maithils around the world to get-together to discuss and know each others. It's always a pleasure to be in touch of nice ppl. When I say nice, I mean the natural ppl (diifiucult to find nowdays nah). And I believe that we are few among those nice peoples. And it's gonna be wonderful if we will be together. That's the reason I decide to create a group specially for Maithils, where we will share/express our Feelings for our Homeland. Thanks. Take Care and Have a Wonderful Time.

NOTE :- This is group is just for maithils to get together. It has nothing to do with any orgnization or social services.

REQUEST:- Please don't send carbon copy to other groups while posting a messege to this group. Kindly keep culture and traditions in mind while posting a messege. Don't post any offensive messeges. Doing so may cause your unauthorization from this group."This encludes any kind of email which relates to politics as well."



Santosh Kumar Jha
Founder The Mithila Group

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